Wren Pitch

Wren is a large tent pitch located on the hay field. Set apart from Sparrow and Squirrel in the centre of the field this is the most open of the three tent pitches and nearest to the path up to the shared facilities.

There is room for a good sized family tent and pup tents are welcome.

Wren can accommodate a maximum tent size of 8m x 6m.

A complimentary net of firewood is provided on arrival and further nets can be purchased for £3.50 each. You an also hire one of our hand forged cooking tripod kits for your stay for £15 and try your hand at campfire cookery.

Wren has the following facilities:

  • Composting toilet
  • Campfire pit
  • Dining shelter
  • Picnic table

Like the other pitches, there is no vehicle access however we are more than happy to transfer your camping equipment from your vehicle to the pitch using our vintage Ferguson 20 Tractor.