08/04/2020. In accordance with the Coronavirus Restrictions (Wales) Regulations 2020 we are currently required to remain closed. These regulations will remain in force until 26 September 2020 but must be reviewed every 21 days. The first review is on 15 April 2020. We appreciate that we have many bookings for 2020 and that those customers who were due to arrive in May have now booked alternative dates later in the season. If your booking has to be cancelled as a result of the site remaining closed during your booked dates we will refund your deposit (less the Greener Camping Club membership) in full. In the alternative, we are happy to hold your deposit over to a later date once we reopen. 22/03/2020. We appreciate that many of our customers will be concerned at this uncertain time and we are committed to keeping you safe and informed. In light of the…

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Sheddery – a place where sheds are kept? That’s what our workshop is now called! Each of our pitches has it’s own composting toilet and this is where they hibernate over winter. Each toilet is a 4′ x 4′ converted shed and we are currently giving each one a nice fresh coat of paint and fitting them out with toilets and washbasins. Also waiting conversion is a 4′ x 6′ shed which will become the kitchen shed for the bell tent pitch complete with sink, worktop and gas hob. Busy, busy, busy!

Cherry Orchard Farm is home to a herd of goats and February is our kidding time. During previous years we’ve often kidded 15-20 goats but for our first camping season we cut back the numbers and kidded six of our ladies this month. Over this last week we’ve had 12 babies born on the holding – six girls and six boys, including one set of triplets. Did you know that a baby goat is called a kid? An adult female is a doe and an adult male is a buck. The doe’s pregnancy lasts for 5 months and it is normal for her to have twins but triplets and quads are not uncommon either. Contrary to myth, goats do not eat everything and are very fussy eaters, however they do love to chew anything and human clothes are one of their favourites! Our goats live out in the fields and…

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Spring is finally in the air as our geese started laying on New Years Day – traditionally they start laying around Shrove Tuesday but possibly due to the warm winter this year the girls are a bit out of sync! we took the opportunity to pop some eggs in the incubator and our first gosling hatched on the 5th February. We are now just keeping our fingers crossed that there will be some brothers and sisters for this little lonely baby soon. Did you know that a goose egg takes from 31 to 35 days to hatch? A baby goose is a gosling, dad is a Gander and mum is a Goose. Our three adults are called Eric Ebden and the Gerties.

The short hours may be limiting what we can do to prepare for the 2020 season however we’ve not been idle! So far this month we’ve planted lots of willow, alder and rowan trees to create natural boundaries between the pitches on the hay field – these trees wil also act as windbreaks and privacy screens for our customers. In the evenings we’ve been making signs for the site using offcuts of timber and a router – this has been a learning curve for both of us but we are pretty chuffed with the results so far! Rob has also made a prototype dining shelter – once he’s happy with design each pitch will have a covered area for both shade from the sun and shelter from any Welsh rain. The shelters can be packed down for storage at the end of the season.

Welcome to Wild Cherry Camping

A new campsite on the North Wales borders - opening for bookings in 2020.

Photo by Rogue Photo Media on Unsplash