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Its the end of March and we are enjoying some lovely weather although the Easter forecast isn’t looking so rosy. The site is coming on well – our willow trees were pruned back in the winter and are showing some lively new growth, the vegetable garden has expanded and we are busy sowing ready for summer planting. All our ‘guest’ trees have been planted around the site and we’ve also added some cornus, field maple and bird cherries into the mix near the bell tent and Acorn, our newest pitch. The large oak on the Hay Field was pollarded over winter due to dropping some big branches and becoming unsafe. Pollarding involved removing all the big branches back to the truck which whilst looking very extreme hopefully gives the tree the best chance of survival into the future. Fortunately the ancient hollow Oak on the Oak Field looks majestic as…

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If you are looking for a simple pitch whilst walking Offa’s Dyke or needing an overnight stop over our new Acorn tent only pitch will be perfect. This little pitch is nestled under our ancient oak tree on the top field near the Coppice bell tent. Utilising the natural rise and fall of the ground we’ve created enough space for a couple of two man tents or a modest 4 man tent and have limited the pitch to two occupants. Although Acorn doesn’t have vehicle access or a composting loo there is still a covered shelter area, picnic bench and campfire pit to keep you comfy and cosy. The car park, main toilet and shower are a short walk across the field. Watch out for photos at the end of March but you can book from now onwards at £15 per night.

We would like to wish all our guests, past and future, a very Happy new Year and we truly hope that 2021 will be a fabulous year for everyone. As the world continues to adapt to the ‘new normal’ there are plenty of environmental positives to take forward from 2020…. During lockdown the roads were quieter, factories closed and airplanes were grounded resulting in a significant reduction in global air pollution.. …nature took a step forward – in particular the goats in Llandudno took over the town and herds of deer wandered in suburban streets.. …Bees and wildflowers took advantage as verges were left to grow … …2020 was a mast year for many native trees, in particular oak trees produced an abundance of acorns… …we took time to get outdoors and spend quality down time exploring… Lets hope we take these positives forward!

Sadly we have reached the end of our 2020 season and the site is all packed down and the goats are reclaiming the fields… We’d both like to say a massive thank you to all our wonderful guests who stayed with us during our brief but very successful first season, it was fabulous to see everyone treating the site with respect and care and we hope you all had the very best camping experience. We have taken on all the helpful feedback and next year plan to improve the facilities for you whilst maintaining the space and privacy we are proud to offer. As a ‘green’ campsite we encourage our guests to have a wonderful escape but to also be mindful of their impact on the greater environment whilst staying. So, we’d like our 2021 challenge to focus on reducing plastic use and recycle more. We’ll be encouraging everyone to…

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We are pleased to confirm that we have received the Good To Go accreditation and meet Covid-19 Industry Standard and are ready to open having made sure we have the following in place to protect our guests on site and maintain cleanliness and aid social/physical distancing: Covid-19 risk assessement Enhanced cleaning protocols Additional signage for social distancing rules and handwashing Hand sanitising stations Test, Trace & Protect procedures Contactless payment Arrival and departure procedure Enhanced change-over procedure

20/06/2020. We are very pleased to announce we will be reopening on 13th July with each pitch being capable of being a self contained unit with it’s own toilet. Unfortunately this does mean that at the time of writing our shower unit will need to stay closed. We will closely monitor developments and hopefully the rules will be further relaxed as we go into July. For more details on our precautions please visit our dedicated Coronavirus page. 08/04/2020. In accordance with the Coronavirus Restrictions (Wales) Regulations 2020 we are currently required to remain closed. These regulations will remain in force until 26 September 2020 but must be reviewed every 21 days. The first review is on 15 April 2020. We appreciate that we have many bookings for 2020 and that those customers who were due to arrive in May have now booked alternative dates later in the season. If your…

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Sheddery – a place where sheds are kept? That’s what our workshop is now called! Each of our pitches has it’s own composting toilet and this is where they hibernate over winter. Each toilet is a 4′ x 4′ converted shed and we are currently giving each one a nice fresh coat of paint and fitting them out with toilets and washbasins. Also waiting conversion is a 4′ x 6′ shed which will become the kitchen shed for the bell tent pitch complete with sink, worktop and gas hob. Busy, busy, busy!

Cherry Orchard Farm is home to a herd of goats and February is our kidding time. During previous years we’ve often kidded 15-20 goats but for our first camping season we cut back the numbers and kidded six of our ladies this month. Over this last week we’ve had 12 babies born on the holding – six girls and six boys, including one set of triplets. Did you know that a baby goat is called a kid? An adult female is a doe and an adult male is a buck. The doe’s pregnancy lasts for 5 months and it is normal for her to have twins but triplets and quads are not uncommon either. Contrary to myth, goats do not eat everything and are very fussy eaters, however they do love to chew anything and human clothes are one of their favourites! Our goats live out in the fields and…

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Spring is finally in the air as our geese started laying on New Years Day – traditionally they start laying around Shrove Tuesday but possibly due to the warm winter this year the girls are a bit out of sync! we took the opportunity to pop some eggs in the incubator and our first gosling hatched on the 5th February. We are now just keeping our fingers crossed that there will be some brothers and sisters for this little lonely baby soon. Did you know that a goose egg takes from 31 to 35 days to hatch? A baby goose is a gosling, dad is a Gander and mum is a Goose. Our three adults are called Eric Ebden and the Gerties.