2022 projects

2022 projects

As we roll into the new year we’ve got some new projects on the go to make life easier for both you and us. Firstly, and the biggest task, is to get vehicle access to the pitches across our own land rather than our neighbours! For any guests who stayed with us in 2020 or 2021 you’ll have fond memories of driving through the field of very curious young cows, always keen to lick your windows and say hello, and some of you will have practised some great cow herding skills too to get through the gate!

We’ve needed our own access since we purchased the land as throughout the year we need to get our farm vehicles onto the fields to carry out land management and safely move the goats and sheep by trailer if needs be. We secured permission to put in our own track in this year and work has started with new drainage and levelling out. With plenty of motivation and blue skies we plan to have our own car access to the camping field for 2022. It will mean that we will have to be strict with car movements so that guests are not disturbed on other pitches and we will be making sure you only bring your car to pitch to set up and pack down, unless of course you have a small camper or mobility needs.

I am establishing a cut flower garden with the aim of selling flowers locally and providing space for workshops. The garden will be near the house and pigs and Rob and I are doing some re-siting of the pig pens so that guests get to meet the pigs and admire the flowers. There’s a shiny new website www.wildcherryflowergarden.co.uk up and running, I’ve got a nice new greenhouse and I am busy sowing seeds and obsessing over plant catalogues!

We are getting bees! This has been a long ambition for Rob so I gave him a nudge and bought a national hive for him for Christmas. We are both booked up on a beginners beekeeping course and bees will arrive in the early summer all being well. We haven’t quite worked out where they will be kept but it will be somewhere near the flower garden so they have a banquet on their doorstep and can work their magic pollinating the flowers and fruit trees.

Kaz the scanning lady has visited the goats and sheep and we have seven goats pregnant each carrying twins due around late April. Of the four ewes, only one is showing very early pregnancy and due late May. Our new ram lamb was very young when we put him with his ladies so it looks like he’s working properly but inexperienced. Kaz will come back in a month and take another look.

Finally, bookings are coming in nicely now and we are already nearly fully booked up for the Jubilee weekend in June – only Acorn pitch is free. There is still plenty of summer availability but it will go fast once the spring sets in.


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