Spring has sprung

Spring has sprung

Its the end of March and we are enjoying some lovely weather although the Easter forecast isn’t looking so rosy. The site is coming on well – our willow trees were pruned back in the winter and are showing some lively new growth, the vegetable garden has expanded and we are busy sowing ready for summer planting. All our ‘guest’ trees have been planted around the site and we’ve also added some cornus, field maple and bird cherries into the mix near the bell tent and Acorn, our newest pitch.

The large oak on the Hay Field was pollarded over winter due to dropping some big branches and becoming unsafe. Pollarding involved removing all the big branches back to the truck which whilst looking very extreme hopefully gives the tree the best chance of survival into the future. Fortunately the ancient hollow Oak on the Oak Field looks majestic as ever and visitors on our Acorn pitch will be able to appreciate her beauty.

We’ve some new resident sheep on site – four Whitefaced Woodland ewes, which are a vulnerable native rare breed, and some bottle reared lamb, all of which we hope you look forward to meeting this year. We are also setting some eggs in the incubator ready to hatch in April and some of our goats are pregnant and will be kidding early May.

The site infrastructure will be improving this year – we’ve got a lovely new ‘shed shop’ so that we can supply more camping essentials during your stay, and Rob is busy building a portable shower unit for guests to use on the Hay Field.

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