Thank YOU!

Thank YOU!

Sadly we have reached the end of our 2020 season and the site is all packed down and the goats are reclaiming the fields…

We’d both like to say a massive thank you to all our wonderful guests who stayed with us during our brief but very successful first season, it was fabulous to see everyone treating the site with respect and care and we hope you all had the very best camping experience.

We have taken on all the helpful feedback and next year plan to improve the facilities for you whilst maintaining the space and privacy we are proud to offer.

As a ‘green’ campsite we encourage our guests to have a wonderful escape but to also be mindful of their impact on the greater environment whilst staying.

So, we’d like our 2021 challenge to focus on reducing plastic use and recycle more. We’ll be encouraging everyone to Pledge to limit their waste and plastic use and explore alternatives where possible. We hope to be leading by example and reducing the waste we create as a business and we are looking at how we can reward guests who really make a difference.

Some examples of what we hope our guests will do are:

  • Using reusable tote bags or bags for life when shopping locally
  • Cutting down or avoiding single use food packaging
  • Shopping local and buying fresh to minimise food and packaging waste
  • Storing food responsibly in wraps or reusable containers
  • Avoiding non-compostable baby and wet wipes
  • Encouraging guests to use reusable water bottles for drinking water

In turn, we will be putting in measures to make recycling easier when on site and will also as a business ensure that we lead by example!

We hope all our guests have a peaceful and safe winter and we look forward to welcoming everyone in 2021.

Mel and Rob


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