Cherry Orchard Farm is home to a herd of goats and February is our kidding time. During previous years we’ve often kidded 15-20 goats but for our first camping season we cut back the numbers and kidded six of our ladies this month. Over this last week we’ve had 12 babies born on the holding – six girls and six boys, including one set of triplets.

Did you know that a baby goat is called a kid? An adult female is a doe and an adult male is a buck. The doe’s pregnancy lasts for 5 months and it is normal for her to have twins but triplets and quads are not uncommon either. Contrary to myth, goats do not eat everything and are very fussy eaters, however they do love to chew anything and human clothes are one of their favourites!

Our goats live out in the fields and woods during the summer months, in the winter they come into the barns where they will give birth to the kids in February and March.

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